New Guest Player Program

NEW FOR 2016 One of the most frequent requests we get is what to do when injuries or other unforeseen circumstances leave a team short or with insufficient pitchers or catchers to compete in a tournament. We have decided to follow the lead of some other USSSA states and implement a GUEST PLAYER PROGRAM for events played in CT, MA or RI. A Guest Player is defined as a player borrowed from another team (from inside or outside the team's organization) for a specific tournament under specific circumstances. For all the details, Click Here.

New Rules for 2016 USSSA Tournaments in CT

NEW FOR 2016 Jewelry: USSSA tournaments in CT, MA and RI will now allow players to wear non-hanging or non-dangling stud type ear or nose piercings only. Players in the game are prohibited from wearing jewelry such as rings, watches, hanging or dangling earrings, bars or other piercing type jewelry whether covered with tape or not, bracelets, necklaces (including cloth and string type), or other hard decorative items. Unadorned devices with no sharp edges or points, such as bobby pins, barrettes and hair clips, no longer than 2 inches, may be worn to control a player’s hair. Medical alert bracelets or necklaces are not considered jewelry. If worn they must be taped to the body, so as to remain visible. It's always up the the umpire's judgement if anything is being work in a manner than can pose a danger. 

NEW FOR 2016 Headgear: USSSA tournaments in CT, MA and RI will allow headbands, bandannas, caps and visors. It's always up the the umpire's judgement if anything is being work in a manner than can pose a danger. 

NEW Pilot Program for 2016 Tournament Game Time Limits: CT USSSA tournaments are all quite large (32-50 teams) and almost always have 7 time slots per day. Due to many requests from teams to make more efforts to stay on schedule and to extend game lengths for semi-final and finals games, we are tried a pilot program in the April and May tournaments and it was very successful. Based on the results of this pilot program the changes below are now permanent. 

  • USSSA tournament games in CT have time limits in all games except the finals. 
  • In pool play and elimination play (except the semi finals and the finals) in all age divisions, no new inning will start after 1 hour 15 minutes.
  • In semi-final games in all age divisions, no new inning will start after 1 hour 30 minutes.
  • In Championship games no time limit will be used. All games will be 7 innings except for 10U which is 6 innings. 
  • For games with time limits Innings in progress after the time limit has expired will be completed. A game can end in a tie in pool games.
  • In elimination and championship games, ties will be played out using the international tie breaker rules.
  • Every effort will be made to complete every scheduled game within the time limit. In the event of rain delays, the Tournament Director reserves the right to reduce the time limits of all remaining games and/or change the format of the tournament to reach a conclusion and determine a champion. 

​The see all rules, Click Here. 

CT USSSA Again Hosts the World Series National Championships for 16UB and 12UB, July 25-30

CT USSSA was again selected to host the 2016 USSSA Fastpitch World Series National Championship Tournament for 12UB and 16UB teams, July 25-30, 2016.
The Tournament will be held in East Hartford, CT. Teams from all around the Northeast who qualifed for this event will play. It's a week long tournament with the opening ceremonies at the New Dunkin' Donuts Stadium in Hartford.

5th Annual USSSA Dudley College Showcase Scheduled for July 22-24, 2016

This showcase has become one of the top events in the region and fills up fast.
We have updated the format of this event to meet demand
  • 9 of 10  Fenced Playing Fields at P&W Complex and McAuliffe Park
  • NEW Format of 6 Game Guarantee over 3 days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday 2 GAMES PER TEAM EACH DAY).
  • Fastpitch Nation will once again sponsor the individual showcase camp on the Thursday before the tournament (July 21, 2016).
  • In 2015 we were FULL with 70 teams and nearly 50 college coaches in attendance.

Earning a World Series Berth

There are many ways to to earn a berth to play in a USSSA World Series Tournament.
  • Berths are awarded to teams based on their order of finish in a tournament and based on the number of teams that were in your division. The more teams, the more berths.
  • Berths are awarded to teams that co-host or host a USSSA tournament.
  • At-Large berths are awarded to any team that plays in 2 or more CT USSSA 2016 season tournaments.
  • In 2016 the Road to Orlando tournament at Disney has no qualification requirement. It's open to any USSSA team.

A, B or C. What is my Team?
The main objective for team classification is allowing teams to play within their skill level and bring parity to the USSSA program.
This allows USSSA to develop tournaments or divisions within a tournament for different classes. It also allows teams to play in the correct bracket at any USSSA World Series event. Briefly A is for the very top teams that consistently challenge to win most tournaments they enter. B is for the majority of teams who are a solid and competitive travel team. C is for new teams, weaker travel teams or town based teams that do not compete regularly on the primary travel team circuit. Read more for details about classifying your team.

Follow All USSSA Tournaments Live on your Smartphones and Tablets
Every USSSA tournament in CT is the most technologically advanced event anywhere.
Results are posted live at the tournaments as they happen and seedings are built on the fly. You can follow all the action without having to look at a seeding board and you can see the leaderboard change live on your phone as the tournament progresses. Just another reason to Play USSSA!

USSSA Insurance - More Coverage and Less Cost than ASA or PONY
USSSA offers the most complete line of insurance at the lowest cost of any sanctioning body.
USSSA offers both full year and half year coverage, choice of deductibles and and NO AGGREGATE limit on claims. The policy is good for all play in USSSA, ASA, NSA, PONY and others. Read more about USSSA insurance.

CT USSSA Needs Umpires for 2016
CT USSSA is looking to increase the numbers of umpires for 2016.
CT USSSA always needs more experienced college, high school and travel ball umpires as well as novices looking to get started in umpiring.


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