USSSA Code of Conduct

The goal of the United States Specialty Sports Association (USSSA) is to offer our members a quality product in all aspects of the program.  This begins with the service and cooperation they receive from our state office and ends with their experience on the playing field.  To this end we are committed to making their tournament experience a positive one, both in terms of competitiveness and the comfort they experience in bringing their coaches, players, parents and sponsors to our many venues. To ensure that all of our tournaments are an enjoyable experience for everyone involved and that nothing which occurs during the operation of those tournaments reflects negatively toward the USSSA, its members, the park staffs or host towns, the following rules will serve as our conduct code at all times.

  1. The team manager must have full control of him/herself and all team personnel (i.e., players, coaches, family members, etc), at all times, both on and off the playing field. 
  2. In the event of a disputed play or decision, only the team manager or captain(s), as designated at the start of the game, may consult with an umpire or tournament official. Other coaches, players and spectators are to remain in the team’s designated area and not participate in the discussion unless called upon by an umpire or official. 
  3. Smoking and the use of other tobacco products are prohibited on the playing field as well as the players’ bench area.
  4. Managers are to report any unsportsmanlike conduct or derogatory acts to the tournament director, whether committed by someone from the manager’s own team or another.  This is to allow the director to prevent adverse situations from further developing into something that would be detrimental to the tournament or its participants.
  5. Any substantiated report by hotel/park/town management regarding a USSSA registered team’s destruction or abuse of hotel/park/town property or failure of that team to pay any financial obligation to said hotel/park/town are grounds for permanently barring that team from all future USSSA participation.
  6. Failure to adhere to these or any other rules and procedures as set forth in an USSSA sanctioned event may result in actions taken against the team or individual held responsible. Such penalties include reprimands, fines, probation, suspension (game, event, year or multi-year) or permanent expulsion from USSSA sanctioned events. 
  7. USSSA has a reciprocal agreement with other softball organizations to uphold penalties and sanctions levied by those organizations against team personnel for unsportsmanlike or fraudulent conduct.  In return, other organizations have agreed to honor and uphold penalties and sanctions levied by the USSSA in their events as well. This agreement is an outward expression of our intolerance toward gross misconduct among our participants.